1. Opbrid Depot Charger
    Opbrid Depot Charger
    The convenience of automated charging at bus depots.
  2. Opbrid Opportunity Chargers
    Opbrid Opportunity Chargers
    Ultra power opportunity charging at the route ends for urban buses
  3. Opbrid Truck Chargers
    Opbrid Truck Chargers
    Ultra power charging for all kinds of trucks.
  4. Components, software, integration
    Components, software, integration
    Opbrid has everything you need to add fast charging to your bus, truck, or other heavy vehicle.
  5. Opbrid Chargers for Rail
    Opbrid Chargers for Rail
    Charging station for battery trains and trams
Working with some of the best suppliers in Europe, Opbrid delivers solutions for most heavy vehicle charging needs. Whether you need curbside charging stations for buses, depot chargers for buses or trucks, or custom solutions, Opbrid can deliver.

From our beginnings in 2009, we have focused on high power overhead conductive charging stations for heavy vehicles which have the following advantages:
  • Low cost and weight on the vehicle. All of the power electronics and heavy connection parts are on the charging station with just a small copper charge receiver on the vehicle.
  • High power with low losses. Conductive charging is simple but effective, copper contacts on the vehicle and on the infrastructure side can conduct large amounts of electrical current with very low losses.
  • Simple and robust mechanical connection. Designed to work in any climate in any city on earth.
  • Based on European rail technology for high reliability and strong suppliers.