Opbrid Depot Charging Systems
OppCharge Compatible

The Opbrid Bůsbaar Depot charger brings the convenience of automated charging to bus depots. Buses can charge directly at their parking places with no driver intervention. The driver simply parks in a parking space, puts on the brake, and leaves. The charging process is taken care of automatically.

No charging cables to plug in or out or become damaged. No additional training or electrical certifications for the driver or extra technicians. The overhead connection gives safer, more predictable charging behavior.
Overhead charging frees up real estate in the bus depot, since the connection comes from an overhead gantry. It is possible to park more buses in less space since there are no charging posts alongside the buses. Safety is enhanced since the depot parking area is free of charging posts.

The current collector on the bus is identical with our Bůsbaar curbside charger for maximum flexibility so the buses can charge both at night at the depot, and during the day using strategically placed opportunity charging stations.
  • Overhead automatic charging is safer and easier for drivers and technicians
  • More buses can be parked in the same space
  • No charging posts to hit
  • No heavy cables to handle or to remember
  • No training required, just park in a parking spot and put on the brake
  • DC Charging removes the need for on-board AC chargers saving cost and weight on the vehicle
  • Automatic management of the grid load is available to reduce peak demand charges
Cost Effective
  • Standard overhead gantries for open air depots, or mounted on the ceiling of indoor garages.
  • Simplified, low cost overhead Volvo Compatible Opbrid Bůsbaar inverted pantograph
  • Efficient air cooled DC chargers
  • Overhead wiring avoids excavation
  • Long life in any climate
  • Automatic retraction in case of power failure
The Bůsbaar Depot Charging System consists of a simple fixed current collector on the bus, plus a simplified overhead pantograph. When the bus arrives and the driver puts on the parking brake, the pantograph descends and contacts the current collector on the bus. A series of electrical tests is automatically carried out and charging begins. When charging ends, a trickle charge keeps the bus and batteries warm and ready for the driver to begin work in the morning. The driver gets in, takes off the parking brake, and drives away.