About Us
Focused on Charging Stations for Heavy Vehicles 
Roger Bedell, Product Director, Opbrid Charging Systems, Furrer+Frey AG
BSEE Washington State University
Moved to Spain in 2006
First investigated fast charging of buses in 2007
EVS-24 Paper Stavanger, Norway, May 2009:
"A Practical, 70-90% Electric Bus Without Overhead Wires"
Several patents in the area of fast charging stations for heavy vehicles.
Opbrid SL was founded by Roger Bedell in 2009 in Granada, Spain, with the sole aim of providing automatic conductive charging stations for electric and hybrid urban buses. In 2016, Opbrid was acquired by its long time partner Furrer+Frey AG, Bern Switzerland. This acquisition strengthens their extensive product portfolio in rail, and extends their reach to the bus and truck markets.